4 Months Left

Wow, what an insane several months. I’ve completely fallen off the bandwagon of this blog and I’m a little sad about that. In early April I started having some health issues that have escalated over the entire summer culminating with me sitting here in bed on a Saturday evening (tonight), hardly able to walk because of foot pain and swelling. I had a pretty transformative last few months, and as a result I think it’s time to get back to this project. There are 4 months left to 2014 — time to make them count.  I may as well pick up where I left off. 


It’s The Little Things…

Life redesign really kind of sucks without anyone checking up on you. It’s easy to postpone, to procrastinate, to lose track of priorities.I just spent some time reviewing my original 2014 goals. Aside from all that, I think I’m very happy with what life has thrown at me in the past few months. It’s turned out completely different thus far, of course, and not necessarily bad. There’s so much GOOD that has happened that doesn’t get logged because it’s unrelated to my goals…or is it? Maybe in a wibbly wobbly timey wimey kinda way, things are all connected.

Below is my original list of goals for 2014 with ONE bulleted thing I can do THIS week, between March 25-March 31st, to help me push towards each one:


Lose 75 lbs. 

  • I’m super poor this week and my cupboards are getting bare. Will eat less, exercise more. Specifically? 30 minutes of exercise daily for the next 7 days.

Make my relationship better, or leave it behind. 

  • I will remind myself of this daily, be more affectionate, and less demanding on my partner this week. Specifically? I will try to do one “extra nice” thing per day.

Be more autonomous/self-sufficient. 

  • Writing this blog helps me be more autonomous and self-sufficient. So do other things. I will learn how to do basic sewing. I will conserve water and electricity. I will be less demanding on my partner. I will add accounts to Manilla. I will review DMV tests.

Add 3 lines to my c.v./resume and/or work on professional development. 

  • I will begin to write a conference presentation outline. I will choose a conference and apply to attend or present. I will introduce myself to Browncoat B.B., and updated LI.

Begin to feel like a stable adult. 

  • I don’t even know what this means. I just know I don’t feel like one. When does that happen?

Be more confident in solo situations. 

  • I will have 1-2 ‘solo’ outtings, and enjoy my alone time more.

Read plenty of books to help me on my journey. 

  • I will read and review EW Angels.

Become more financially stable: Find ways to supplement my income (2), increase credit, open a credit account, budget things, create and stay on budget. 

  • I will use manilla. I will find some way to supplement my income. I will open a credit account. I will call BofA.

Plan one big vacation, 4 weekend vacations, 7 day trips. 

  • I can’t do this unless I have the money or the autonomy resulting from money. Right now it’s not there. I am 1/3 of the year over and the closest to a ‘weekend vacation’ we got was MG week… which is more than most people have had thus far this year, right? (Right)… Maybe this goal was too lofty. This week I *WILL* plan a day trip with my partner for sometime soon.

More self-care. 

  • A few moments of stretching every day, a few moments of meditation every day, more porch sitting and being girly leads to confidence, which leads to autonomy, which leads to self sufficiency, which leads to being a stable adult…? Maybe…

Take a travel photography/writing course (need $)

  • During my next paycheck, I will put a “payment” in for Matador’s course. if I can’t afford it, I will sell cards to do it.

Do at least one thing I am proud of every month. 

  • So far I’ve sucked at this, pretty bad. In January I think I was proud of myself for sticking with this blog and for tracking food. In February, I was proud for following through with costuming for MG. In March, so far, I’m not proud of anything… gotta fix that.

Write a daily/weekly/monthly teux-teux list.(Been doing well with monthly, bad with weekly/daily)

  • I just don’t know how to keep myself accountable for this. I have a horrible memory. What needs to happen is a new HABIT FORMATION of PLANNING the next day each evening. I think that’s the key.. so that’s what I’ll do for the next 7 days.

Find a ‘real’ job – apply for lots of jobs- pull myself off a rock.

  • I will APPLY to one job this week.

Spend more quality time with my partner – get to know each other again.

  • I kind of mentioned this above. I will focus on quality time instead of quantity time this week. I’m not sure what that means in terms of an end-product but I’ll make sure to get it done.

Spend more time with family.

  • I will make sure to call my family this week. Also I will send out the Easter package I created.

Volunteer somewhere. 

  • I will sign up to volunteer with a festival or museum this week.

Listen to more music. 

  • Been doing well for this one. THIS week I will focus on ROO ’14 artists and make a SPOTIFY playlist.

Deleted Posts #SPAM

I deleted the last 7 posts because I was receiving some unusually large amounts of spam comments on them, perhaps because of a tag or something?

So now I’m in limbo with a crack in the wall of my blog and need a fixed point to start some things over…April 1st sounds like a good plan. It will be the end of the “First Quarter” of the year, so I can do a good ‘check up’ on what I’ve done the last few months, and get a good grip on where I need to go to make my goals…

For now, some redesigning is in order so the timeline makes sense… check back soon :0)


I’ve been sitting at my computer for a couple of hours doing dumb things to pass the time, and then I realized: I’m avoiding a post here. Why? Here’s why:

Things get real when you’re faced with them every day like this. These lists, these posts, this blog, is in my face – it’s in front of me every day, ready to review and confront. There’s only so many times I can put up an excuse for a to-do list item, only so often I can procrastinate before it causes a full panic attack.

It’s been about a month and a half and I’ve been doing this – I’ve been posting and tracking and making lists, losing some weight, having some “woohoo” moments, accomplishing tasks one step at a time – but I’m not happy with it. It’s not enough  – it’s not drastic yet… and I promised drastic. 

What to do, what to do… more later.

30 Days to Conquer Clutter

As Jean Luc Picard would say, MAKE IT SO! 

Today I begin a habit of decluttering my physical and virtual surroundings. I will cross things off as they happen. 


DAY  -Thing to Declutter

1: Spices

2. DVD’s

3. Books

4. Kitchen Pots & Pans

5. Clothes Closet

6. Bathroom Closet

7. Dresser

8. Front room Bookshelf

9. Hallway Closet

10. Pet cabinet

11. Refrigerator

12. White Pantry

13. Desk Drawers

14. Under the Kitchen Sink

15. Computer Desktop

16. Text Messages & Email

17. Yarn Trunk

18. Painting Supply Box

19. Top of Desk

20. Food Cabinet (glass doors)

21. Dirty Laundry

22. Medicine Cabinet

23. Inside of the Car

24. Jewelry Box(es)

25. Shoes

26. Purses/bags

27. Scarves

28. CD’s

29. Rubbermaid Storage Boxes

30. Makeup


Today I refuse to let myself play any game or watch TV until the other things on my list are complete. It should be fairly easy since it’s cold as hell out so I have no interest in spending time outside. What’s on the list for today? Starting with yesterday’s leftovers:

  1. Clean the kitchen/bedroom
  2. Make list of 3 jobs to apply for
  3. Decide on MG costume
  4. Find 5 items to donate (Toaster oven, basil, chili pepper, world market containers)
  5. 30 Minutes of Exercise (light – maybe yoga)
  6. Log all my food/exercise
  7. Read some in procrastination book
  8. Plan V Day
  9. Do taxes
  10. Start looking at places to volunteer time
  11. Start a new habit: 100 crunches per day for 21 days
  12. Declutter spices
  13. Make dinner

I have this to say before I go: procrastination is a disease – it’s got to be. There should be a pill for it!

It’s Monday, Week 6, and I Feel Great!

I think I thought that by now in 2014 there’d be huge, drastic changes to how things were/looked on the last day of December in 2013. I was expecting to do a 360 right away, to be a completely new person, shedding flakes of skin and personality flaws and fat and procrastination all at the same time, on the same day, the same second… well THAT SHO’ AIN’T HAPPENIN’! So what is?

I set this whole site up for myself to be pretty crazy. You can probably tell from my endless lists and planning that I tend to border on OCD – which is hilarious when paired with procrastination such as my life. So there are no drastic changes that have happened in the first 6 weeks of 2014. I’ve lost a few pounds, I’ve joined a gym, I’ve started standing up for myself at work, I’ve looked for new jobs (but haven’t submitted any full applications yet so that’s pointless to say), I’ve nurtured my relationship with my family, I’m starting to let go of weighty “friendships”, and I’ve gone to a few cool events.

Those first two weeks of January seemed supercharged with “cool things to do”. I was actively going out and doing things with friends, and then once I started focusing on this weight loss (and thus being afraid to eat out or go to a bar), I stopped all that… I’ve got to find a balance.

Time to look at my February goals and see where I am since 1/3 of the month is over. My February goals are:

Overall GOALS:

  1. Listen to every BEATLES album chronologically. (1 down)
  2. Read 3 books related to my goals. (Read one, 2nd started)
  3. Lose 8 pounds! (1 lb loss – had setback due to family visiting)
  4. Keep my house as CLEAN as it was at the end of January. (Doing ok – could be better)
  5. Find 25 Things to Donate. (Haven’t started – will start today)
  6. Go to the gym 8 times. (Gone 3x)
  7. Spend the last two weeks of Feb in Mardi Gras BLISS (Not there yet)
  8. Find/Make a Mardi Gras COSTUME (Still no clue on this one)
  9. Apply to 3 jobs (Found 2 – haven’t applied yet) 


(….. crickets) All I’ve done is work/come home/shop/eat/sleep…

As for OK things that actually have happened?

  • Bought shoe inserts to help with foot pain
  • Bought socks to help me out at the gym (needed cushioning)
  • Ordered a sports bra (came today – love it!)
  • Ordered over-the-ear sport clip headphones for the gym (WooHoo!)
  • Took the skin off the damn rotisserie chicken (harder than it sounds) before eating
  • Had dinner at M’s – talked about the Doctor all night

As you can see, I did accomplish a few small things but my list is still right there, shining brightly in my face, unfinished…

TODAY’S GOALS that involve verbs (will update later if I get them done):

  1. TAKE bath – SHAVE
  2. COOK Healthy Dinner for partner
  3. GO to the Gym
  4. CLEAN  kitchen/bedroom
  5. WATCH Biggest Loser (I’m on Season 7, down to final 4)
  6. MAKE list of 3 jobs to apply for TOMORROW (include on list what actually needs to be done)
  7. SPEND only 10 minute segments on my game(s)  – USE A TIMER
  8. BUY a procrastination book
  9. READ the first chapter in the book I buy
  10. DECIDE on a mardi gras costume
  11. FIND 5 items to donate
  12. LISTEN to the FIRST song on the FIRST Beatles album

Think I can get all that done? … Gosh I hope so.. will check in later and let ya know

(^^The crossed off items are what actually got done…so everything else gets rolled over to today’s list)