I Always Giggle When I Read Articles on Financial Stability

The phrase is so far from my vocabulary I don’t even think I’d know what it was it if hit me in the face with a pickle.

Financial Stability: The ability to meet debts as they fall due. 

I don’t think I’ve ever met a financially stable person in my life now that I think about it. 

Hell I don’t even have my own checking account anymore – it’s shared. I think financial autonomy is a huge deal and I have none of it. One of the big changes I’ll make in 2014 is to earn back some of my financial autonomy and see if it makes a difference on my self esteem or confidence. My debts are out of control – student loans, collection agencies hounding me about a card from a decade ago…. my cell phone is 6 years old because I can’t afford a new one #FirstWorldProblems (I know).  That said, I’ve never been on any government assistance of any kind and don’t plan on it… but I’m 30, I live with someone who’s salaried and shares half my monthly bills, and I still don’t have health insurance or money to stay afloat nevermind get out of debt.  I’m not writing this to complain at all, just to wonder how people do it? So many folks with kids and dependents make so much less than I do per hour and I can barely stay afloat myself… how do they do it? Anyway, today’s rant is over… the point of all of this is that in 2014 one of my bigger goals is to drastically change my relationship with money. In fact, I need to start BEING in a relationship with money instead of running away from it. I’m one of those people who would break up with my financial autonomy via text message…  

p.s. when I say my finances are bad, I mean I regularly have to beg to keep lights on and my credit score is probably around 350. I spend way more than my means because I like fresh vegetables instead of canned ones (for example), I owe about $150k in student loans, $10k in credit card debt, and I make less than $1500 per month working full time (you’d laugh if you knew how many unused degrees I have)…so yeah, something has to change…quickly

How does all of this relate to my karmic roux? Well, I think I need to take an honest look at my finances and try to actually budget things. It’s not that I don’t know how to do it – I just never have…and I live with someone who’s in the same exact financial situation as I am (albeit she makes more gross monthly income).. so we both run away from any resemblance of financial responsibility.

Fuck a Duck.

This post brought to you by the electric guy who just turned my lights back on…


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