I’m a Hardcore Self-Reflectionist. I Will Not Have a One-Night Stand With My Resolutions.

Today was my last day to sleep in before 2014, so I did so in style: til noon. My schedule until 2014 is as follows:



21-22 WORK 


28-30 WORK 

31 Off

My teux-deux list needs to squeeze into the before&after hours of work on the 3 days before the new year, as well as today, which I have free. I’d love to have the last day for a day trip. The problem? I’m so fucking lazy.  My BIG goal is to have the entire house cleaned as if my mother were showing up on January 1st. I want to start fresh and free of clutter.

Other goals pre-2014? (besides that whole holiday shopping thing…)

  • Create a financial teux-deux list for 2014
  • Create a bucket list for 2014
  • Create the timeline for 2014’s MUST DEUX list
  • Organize a day trip for the last day of the December with my partner

I’m fully aware that by setting so many goals for myself in 2014, I may be setting myself up to fail or at least that’s what all the ‘experts’ say… but maybe they don’t need to filter through their karmix roux as much as I do. I need BIG changes, not tiny gradual changes…

note to self: I need to think of some creative bits to add to the list 



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