What is it about blogging that sets the stage for motivation, habit-forming, staying organized and accountable? I think accountability is the key even though many of us never gain any sort of following. I’ve got to admit that I’m a sucker for well-thought out motivational sites and weight loss blogs. I’m always on the prowl for the most motivating ones.  I have done a lot of blogging in the past, but never with such aspirations as I have for this one which is chock full of self motivation.

In 2014 I am hacking my own life. I don’t like the direction it’s heading, and I know I’m the only one who can resolve to change that. It will last one year and that’s it. 365 days and done. Whatever happens between now and then is entirely the result of the planning I do on this silly page.

My goals:

  • To form new habits
  • To set the ball rolling in new directions
  • To become more like the ‘ideal me’
  • To stay motivated, organized, and informed
  • To be accountable

That’s all for now… 2014 is officially “The Year of the Life Hack” (at least in my world). I’d love to find some partners in crime… much more to come.


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