“Get Organized Week!”

I thought I had everything planned out, but it turns out I’m a little more OCD than I thought. In order to fully flesh out the plan, I made an executive decision that between now and Sunday (Jan. 5), I would dub these days “Get Organized! Week”.


My basic To-Do List is as follows:


  1. Create a full list of habits I want to form in 2014
  2. Complete my weight loss reward chart (and post it)
  3. Begin this year’s vacation planning so that I have things to look forward to
  4. 1 Post per Category of goals for the year

In addition to the above items, I hope to get my house much cleaner than it is. Hopefully next time I check in, I’ll have a good handle on the above items. It’s very cold here today and I’m using space heaters, therefore limiting my movement (in the warmth) to two rooms (kitchen/bedroom). I hope I can get some cleaning done in both. In fact, let’s do this so I can be accountable at the end of the day:


TODAY’S TO DO LIST (Fridays are my day off):


1. Clean off TV area

2. Clean off DVD area  

3. Clean off Nightstands 

4. Find 10 items of clothing to donate  (put them on the porch)

5. Find 10 kitchen items to donate 

6. Clean out tupperware area

7. 5 minutes of stretching 


So, here’s the skinny: I’ve got 2.5 days left of “Get Organized! Week”, and I have to work 8 hours each on 2 of the 3 days, so today I have to get most of this done. I think I can, I think I can…


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