the BODY post


Ok, except imagine the body above with an extra 100lbs and you’re a lot closer to an image mine (maybe without such cute panties). This is a hard category for me to unravel. I have serious body image issues [like most women – glamour says it’s 97%].  This past year I discovered the world of makeup. No, really – until I was 29, I never really wore any because I didn’t know how. It was always a mystery until I woke up and decided to youtube some how-to videos. I found that I feel better about myself when I wear makeup – maybe because I take the time to do it or maybe because it feels like I’m covering up my flaws – who knows. All I know is when I wear makeup now, I feel more confident in public. That was a big step for me. Of course now I’m addicted to Ulta. If you’re someone like me who had never even heard of this place until your late 20’s, do yourself a favor and make a pilgrimage. Meanwhile back to the purpose of this post: to create a list of body-related goals for 2014.

The BIG Question: What do I look like now, and what do I want to look like in 2015?


The BIG Answer: Today I am 100 lbs overweight, slow, in pain from living a sedentary lifestyle, inactive, and sloppy. I have no defined hairstyle, and no clothing style. I’m a few steps away from creepy people you’d see at Walmart. In 2015 I want to be 80 pounds less than I am now. I want to be able to shop for clothes at normal stores and buy ‘an outfit’.  I want to be that person who bikes all over the place, who does active outdoorsy things, and who looks good doing it. Inside, I *AM* that person. I have no desires to run a marathon [this year], or to have some supreme makeover — I just want to step into the door of 2015 feeling more like the person I am on the inside. Everyone in my family is large – 4-5 generations worth. I have no intentions of becoming skinny. I just want to know I can be comfortable on an airplane seat, that I can ride rollercoasters, that I can go shopping friends who aren’t just as overweight as me, that I can find and wear a decent halloween costume… I want to *feel* lighter, be in less pain, and I want to feel my age instead of 20 years older than I am.


In 2014, I will:


  • Lose 80 lbs
  • Educate myself about colors/styles that fit my body type
  • Enjoy being outdoors
  • Become healthier



So – How do I get there from here? 


Maybe that’s the real big question. I will sign up for Weight Watchers online (again). I will get support from family/friends. I will blog here daily. I will form healthy habits that involve changes in diet and exercise. I will limit the time I sit on my ass by creating daily/weekly/monthly to-do lists and by having obtainable goals. As stated above, I will educate myself about colors/styles that fit my body type. I will read blogs similar to my own and try to make online friends with folks who are in a similar situation as me, with similar goals.


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