the MIND post

I was ready to delete this category and then realized that I probably shouldn’t just because I have the urge to delete it in the first place.


Signs like the one above are plastered all over the internet and have been since the globalization and commodification of things like yoga. But what the hell is a healthy mind? What does it look like? gave me 8 steps to a healthy mind:


  1. Health and happiness may be the foundation for a good life. (Okay, but how the hell is this a step?) 
  2.  Identify your settled emotions and accept them for what they are. (Okay, but what the hell does this mean and how do I do it?) 
  3. Start doing regular meditation and some physical exercise. (Finally something I understand.) 
  4. Have fun in life. 
  5. Be Social.
  6. Eat Healthy. 
  7. Get plenty of mental exercise. 
  8. Challenge your brain. (How is this different from #7?) 

Okay thanks for the enlightening post, Wikihow. But really – how do I focus on this area/category this year and make it actually worth my time and measurable? If I spend time focusing on it, how can I measure progress? And what are the specific goals? 


Here are the specific goals I came up with for 2014: 


  1. Read self-help books on things like mindfulness, positivity, behavior modification. 
  2. Throw in some yoga now and then. 
  3. Create good habits & throw out bad ones. 
  4. Work on being more mindful – be conscious of my thoughts and why they exist. 
  5. Enjoy life more. At the end of 2014, I want to have a long list of “Favorite things from 2014”. 
  6. Manage my anxiety

Also, check out this link on The Healthy Mind Platter by Psychology Today. Basically it says that every day we need to include these 7 things to have a happy, healthy mindset:



  • sleep time
  • physical time (exercise)
  • focus time (with a goal in mind) 
  • time in (reflect internally)
  • down time (relax)
  • play time (have fun)
  • connecting time (be social, somehow)




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