Day 1, Week 1

I made this blog. I joined Weight Watchers. I cleaned my house. I spent weeks planning 2014. I got this. The only thing left to screw it all up is myself, and I’m not gonna let that happen. I may miss a day posting now and then, but I will not miss two. I may not follow everything exactly like I outlined, but I will do my best.


In 2015 I will be: 



More Focused

Fiscally Responsible

More Autonomous


…360 days left to get there. 




I have spent my day sad that I don’t have friends who will celebrate the beginning of Carnival season the way that I’d like to do it, but I REFUSE to let it deter me from enjoying myself… I need to find ‘more fun’ friends. It’s just got to be a priority. I decorated my house, painted my face in mardi gras colors (purple/green/gold)..and later I’ll drag my partner (who has no intention of enjoying it) to a parade celebrating St. Joan of Arc’s birthday, eat a piece of king cake, and have Popeyes for dinner (its Carnival tradition so Weight Watchers will have to suck it for today – though logging the foods will be eye-opening I’m sure!). I will listen to Carnival music while I clean later tonight, and I will break open a bottle of wine simultaneously… Cheers, and here’s to a FANTASTIC first day of YOTLF, my 2014 project to do a 360 in 360 days…. which appropriately begins on EPIPHANY, the first day of Carnival season!


During WEEK 1, I will focus on:  The BODY Category. I will begin working on creating a FLOSSING habit. I will do YOGA stretches for FIVE minutes every day… and I will spend ALL week learning and focusing on my body image. I will TRACK ALL OF MY FOODS in the Weight Watchers toolbox, and by the end of today I will find a SELF HELP BOOK to read that corresponds with this week’s focus. 


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