Day 2, Week 1

Well I had quite a bit of fun last night. It was the first day of Carnival, and I forced myself to go watch the parade despite it being 20 degrees. Hot buttered rum/irish coffee helped quite a bit.


I am an extreme hedonist. It’s really a problem. I love luxurious things, and I live way above my means in all aspects of my life. Perhaps  I should read some kind of anti-hedonism text. The thing is — the opposite of hedonism is, well, being miserable, right? That sounds horrible. Buddha was all about moderation… I get that, but, if I can live life to the fullest, live luxuriously with little means, why stop myself? Well here’s why:


I’m fat.

I’m in debt.

My relationships suck.

My career sucks.


Good reasons, eh? I think the middle way is looking better and better.  Something to think about, I suppose.


Today I’ve done nothing. I mean I haven’t even gotten out of bed. It’s so damn cold. I played a game for a bit, I watched Downton Abbey… and I ate because I had nothing else to do (see the problem?). I have a huge list of things I want to do but it’s just so damn cold.


Shit… I’ve gotta get up and move. It’s BODY week here in YOTLH land.. Today’s goals are:

  • 15 minute walk with my dog who’s been cooped up all day with me
  • 5 minutes of yoga
  • FLOSS damnit…
  • Continue to track my foods and read on the WW site
  • Read at least one chapter in my first SELF-HELP BOOK of the year:

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