Ponchakarma @ Home?

Say Poncha what?


Also, read “What Can Ponchakarma do for you?” 


Panchakarma is a three-stage process that typically lasts for three to ten days in Western ayurvedic clinics. The preparatory phase begins with internal oleation, during which you will drink increasing amounts of ghee (clarified butter) in the early morning and afternoon to lubricate the body’s subtle channels, or srotas. Next, your ayurvedic practitioner will ask you to go on a “sensory diet,” avoiding TV, loud music, drastic weather conditions, strenuous exercise, travel, and sexual activity for the length of your treatment. You’ll also be asked to avoid sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, and to eat light, warm, cleansing dishes like kitchari (basmati rice and mung dal cooked with spices and ghee). As Lad explains, “During panchakarma, your agni, or digestive fire, becomes low. Kitchari is the best food to eat because it is easy to digest, burns ama, detoxifies the body, and balances the doshas.””

Step 1: Take This Quiz to determine your doshas


I am almost equally Pitta + Kapha… a tiny bit more Pitta I think. Regardless,  I’m not ready to do this yet for sure, but last time I was in India I met many people in this program. I will keep learning about ponchakarma until I’m ready to go for it. I think February 1st will be a good start date, as you are supposed to do it in the weeks between seasonal changes…. early spring seems like a good time to rejuvenate my body and clear out all the toxins.


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