Day 1, Week 2 +Week 1 RECAP

First, let’s recap week 1.

In my first post last week, I said:

During WEEK 1, I will focus on:  The BODY Category. I will begin working on creating a FLOSSING habit. I will do YOGA stretches for FIVE minutes every day… and I will spend ALL week learning and focusing on my body image. I will TRACK ALL OF MY FOODS in the Weight Watchers toolbox, and by the end of today I will find a SELF HELP BOOK to read that corresponds with this week’s focus. 

How’d it all go? 

I focused on the BODY. The flossing is going good, but not great — I missed one day..this week I vow to do the post-it thing where I put 21 post-its on my mirror and pull one off for every day I complete the habit I’m working on.

I didn’t read as much about body image as I would’ve liked. I got some great books on Kindle, and only got as far as Chapter 1 because “things” got in the way and I got busy. The awesomeness comes in during food tracking, because I did pretty damn good there.

Oh… WW tells me I lost 1.4 lbs this week! WOOT!

So now what?

WEEK 2: I’m feeling a small push or momentum towards working on my CAREER this week, so this week’s focus will be that. I will make a list of jobs to apply for, try to think of things to bulk up my resume, email a school or two in regards to next year’s applications, and try to pry myself off a rock. My motivation is my current job. I LOVE my coworkers… but it’s just not where I’m “supposed” to be. Time to get back on the wagon and stop playing it safe. I need to open myself up to the universe and see what happens.  I don’t have any particular goals for this week. But I do need to just allow myself to be anxious about the process, and to try to pry myself off a rock (like a snail)… we’ll see.  I will also continue my habit-forming, and to work on body image things from last week.. tracking food, etc… 


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