Day 2, Week 2

Man oh man — I’m really feeling like a snail being pulled off its rock so far this week. Anxiety attacks, high BP, waking up with a racing heart, dreaming about bad career experiences.. all that in the last two days because this week’s focus is the CAREER category. Well, sheeeeeeit. I’ve gotta get over this if anything’s gonna get done.

Here’s today’s to-do list so I can stay accountable: 

  • Clean off the top of my damn dresser
  • Spend 10 minutes (with a timer) picking up my bedroom
  • Spend 5 min cleaning front room
  • Spend 5 min cleaning Office
  • Spend 5 min cleaning bathroom
  • Sign into LINKEDIN – look around
  • Start an excel sheet of jobs to apply for with deadlines
  • Start reading “12 Steps to Freedom: A Career Planning and Self Help Manual for Prospering in Today’s Job Market”
  • Make dinner
  • Track all my food on WW
  • PLAN the rest of the week (Shopping/events/work/meals, BLOG POSTS)
  • Take a nice bath and be girly: Exfoliate, Shave, all that Jazz… (LOL)
  • Find 3 new inspirational career help sites

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