Day 5, Week 2: Good News, Bad News!

Good News: My partner joined WW yesterday when she realized she had hit the 200+ mark. That rocks for me. She is so much more motivated than I am. Since January 1st, I’ve been using PLANTOEAT.COM to schedule our meals. I’m usually the cook and now she wants some autonomy there so we’re going to swap cooking duties every other week. We chose every other week instead of every other meal because that way when using PlanToEat (PTE), every week we can each make our own shopping list and combine ingredients if necessary for meals. We both enjoy food shopping and are super label readers. Well, this week is hers so last night we went shopping. Lemme tell y’all… after years of being in charge of the kitchen, it is TOUGH to give up control over what goes in that basket, and it is BORING as a copilot on a grocery store run!I kind off wandered off, made some phone calls… etc. lol

Bad News: Time keeps disappearing on me. I have all these lists and time management hacks and I spent so much time planning this, and the time keeps slipping away. For instance, look at my last post below this one… the things that aren’t crossed off yet? Still not done… 4 days later. This is what happens. Life gets in the way. I’ve got to learn to make my to-do lists, and this “thing”, a priority… or no amount of me having spent time planning it all is going to matter on January 1st, 2015.

So, in the name of accountability, here’s what’s left of the other day’s to-do list:


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