Recap Week 2, Begin Week 3!

It’s odd how things just never go as planned.  I didn’t do a whole lot in the way of “career” this week, and yet I feel like I did because I got out of the house a lot more than usual, did some networking, and lost some weight which in turn will make me feel more confident.

The good news: On the weight front, I’m down 3.6 pounds. My January habit is going great. I’ve been reading, spending quality time with my partner, and doing well at work. My anxiety seems to have decreased about 50% since I started this journey. Whether it’s because I feel like I have more control I’m not sure because to be honest I haven’t done a *whole lot* of changing…

So that brings me to WEEK 3: FINANCES WEEK 

I’m horribly in debt and really need to work on it. This week I vow to make some changes in this arena starting with an attempt at reading some financial planning and credit help sites. I was one of those stupid college kids who figured it would be a GREAT idea (in the short term) to take out the MAX amount of loans I could ever year during school… well, fast forward ten years and I’m standing here in 6-digit debt laughing at my 20-year-old-self. It’s not just that, though. I’m a spender. I’ve always spent far above my means and I need to work on it.

So far this year my partner and I have started using, and it is absolutely fantastic. Here’s the reasons you should use it:

  • It has been FUN meal-planning and importing recipes from social media sites like Pinterest, and recipe sites like, and Epicurious…
  • We’ve successfully swapped weeks twice now (partner and I) — we each take a week for meal planning, calorie counting, and grocery shopping. We’ve had fun trying to buy GOOD QUALITY ingredients for less.
  • We have saved a TON of money already because we have plans for what to eat. It completely cuts out the phrase, “What do you want for dinner?”… you’ll still ask it, but like we do, you’ll have the groceries in your cupboard all set to make 4-5 different meal options. It’s effing fantastic. I highly recommend PTE and the second my trial is done, I’m buying a subscription.

I’ll make another post soon with my goals for this week.. but I gotta say: DAMN, JANUARY 2014 IS GOING GREAT!!!


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