It’s My Week to Plan – WooHoo!

If you’ve been watching this blank canvas of mine then you know my partner and I have been swapping weeks for shopping & cooking. Last week I got to sit back while she did all the grocery shopping and cooking for me. This week, I’m the purveyor of tasty things. We managed a $140 trip to the grocery last night for my “week”, granted about $40-50 of it was spent on crap we needed from the cleaning/pet aisles.

My menu this week includes lots of salad options (we’re never without pretty much a complete salad bar at the house), a walnut chicken roulade, asian lettuce wraps, and baked mahi mahi. We’ve been sticking to 3-4 “big meals”, because we tend to eat out once or twice per week, and when we don’t eat out, we have leftovers. My additional goal this week [to be a better partner in crime] is to provide her with lunches and snacks, also.. I generally suck at this, and she’s generally awesome at this. We’ll see how I do, I suppose…

This Week’s To Do List:

  • Make 3-4 tasty meals (2 down!)
  • Provide awesome snack/lunch options for us
  • Go to the gym at least twice (1 down!)
  • Keep the house as clean this week as it was at the end of last week (K!)
  • Open some kind of bank/savings account
  • Find 10 things to Donate
  • Lose 3 pounds
  • Apply for 3 jobs
  • Read One Book
  • Clean off my DESK
  • Buy a SPORTS BRA (done!) 
  • Plan my Carnival COSTUME
  • Plan Valentine’s day
  • Find an organziational solution for all my damn makeup.

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