Feeling Like an Island [today]

I was watching Biggest Loser (season 7) today and this guy Mike made a really good point in one of his “aside” interviews on the show. I think most of us sit around and wait for something amazing to fall into our laps – not a million dollars or anything seemingly unrealistic, but something simpler like a partner to work out with us, the perfect weight loss plan, an open door to the perfect job. These things seem pragmatic, yet even they’re unrealistic. No matter how realistic I think I am, underneath it all I always secretly hope for something to fall in my lap – and that’s the thing – nothing ever has, and nothing ever will. I’ve had to work hard for everything I’ve got, and even harder for the things I don’t have or didn’t get despite the work.

I was updating my LinkedIn profile earlier and looking at the profiles of so many people in my “profession” who had opportunities fall in their laps. I get pulled down in jealousy because that’s never happened to me. I was born with a rusty spoon in my mouth, while everyone around me has a shiny silver one with inlaid diamonds. Of course, maybe that’s not really the case, and maybe they work hard… the point is that I work hard and then I become resentful when seemingly “less deserving or hard-working” people get what *I* deserve – and it happens every single time. That won’t ever get me anywhere. I’ve got to change that mindset. I can sit here and talk about it until my face turns blue and I still feel resentful about many decisions that have been out of my hands… talk is cheap, self. Talk is cheap. 


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