30 Days to Conquer Clutter

As Jean Luc Picard would say, MAKE IT SO! 

Today I begin a habit of decluttering my physical and virtual surroundings. I will cross things off as they happen. 


DAY  -Thing to Declutter

1: Spices

2. DVD’s

3. Books

4. Kitchen Pots & Pans

5. Clothes Closet

6. Bathroom Closet

7. Dresser

8. Front room Bookshelf

9. Hallway Closet

10. Pet cabinet

11. Refrigerator

12. White Pantry

13. Desk Drawers

14. Under the Kitchen Sink

15. Computer Desktop

16. Text Messages & Email

17. Yarn Trunk

18. Painting Supply Box

19. Top of Desk

20. Food Cabinet (glass doors)

21. Dirty Laundry

22. Medicine Cabinet

23. Inside of the Car

24. Jewelry Box(es)

25. Shoes

26. Purses/bags

27. Scarves

28. CD’s

29. Rubbermaid Storage Boxes

30. Makeup


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