Today I refuse to let myself play any game or watch TV until the other things on my list are complete. It should be fairly easy since it’s cold as hell out so I have no interest in spending time outside. What’s on the list for today? Starting with yesterday’s leftovers:

  1. Clean the kitchen/bedroom
  2. Make list of 3 jobs to apply for
  3. Decide on MG costume
  4. Find 5 items to donate (Toaster oven, basil, chili pepper, world market containers)
  5. 30 Minutes of Exercise (light – maybe yoga)
  6. Log all my food/exercise
  7. Read some in procrastination book
  8. Plan V Day
  9. Do taxes
  10. Start looking at places to volunteer time
  11. Start a new habit: 100 crunches per day for 21 days
  12. Declutter spices
  13. Make dinner

I have this to say before I go: procrastination is a disease – it’s got to be. There should be a pill for it!


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