What can I accomplish this month? It’s short and sweet.

Overall GOALS:

  1. Listen to every BEATLES album chronologically. (Started!
  2. Read 3 books related to my goals.( 1 down, another one started!)
  3. Lose 8 pounds! (3 down!)
  4. Keep my house as CLEAN as it was at the end of January. (about 30%)
  5. Find 25 Things to Donate. 
  6. Go to the gym 8 times. (6x )
  7. Spend the last two weeks of Feb in Mardi Gras BLISS (not yet)
  8. Find/Make a Mardi Gras COSTUME (not yet)
  9. Apply to 3 jobs (found two, no applications yet)


  1. Dinner @M&E’s
  2. Bought a “real” SPORTS BRA  (that actually fits).
  3. Making Costumes
  4. Red Bean Day
  5. MG Day
  6. KDV Day
  7. Chewie Day
  8. Hunting for Skull & Bones Gang
  9. Steak & Lobster day with K
  10. Making Burgers with L

SUMMARY:  February and the beginning of March are a blur because of Carnival season. Next year I have to plan for this – basically an entire month up in smoke. Granted, it was a blast… and worth it… and I’d do it again in exactly the same way next year  (only better) if I could… but it doesn’t lend itself to the goals of my challenges herein.

A lot of my “cool things” to happen in Feb revolved around food this month. I’ve got to learn to shift that. Also my goals really failed this month. This is why I need this blog… so little gets done. I suck at prioritizing. Everything gets in the way…every single time. How do I fix all this? I need someone to physically pull me in the right direction… it’s a bit depressing that I can’t get things done even despite having this journal to guide me… O well – moving in the right direction by having it in the first place, right? Let’s hope.


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