January 2014 TEUX-DEUX


  1. Lose 5 lbs (down 3.6) (Lost 8!) 
  2. Get into a rhythm of using this blog as a tool (working on it)
  3. 21-DAY HABIT: FLOSSING (down 15 days)
  4. Be prepared to make a list of 10 things I enjoyed doing this month by February 1 (k)
  5. Read 2 Books related to my karmix roux goals (working on it) (Crap…this fell through the cracks)
  6. Spend Q.T. with my partner (working on it)
  7. Begin to let the universe IN (working on it)
  8. Find some iOS Apps to help with my goals (working on it)
  9. JoiN WEIGHT WATCHERS and begin TRACKING all foods (done)
  10. Listen to EVERY Beatles Album, Chronologically (need to start still) (this fell through the cracks, too)

January is a bit different because I started this on January 6th… so there’s only really 3 full weeks to concentrate on the Categories I outlined in THE PLAN, and Week’s 2 and 5 are both short… 

WEEK 2 FOCUS (6-12th):  BODY

WEEK 3 FOCUS (13-19th):  CAREER

Week 4 FOCUS (20th-26th): FINANCES (CURRENT)

WEEK 5 FOCUS (27-31st): MIND

10 GOOD Things that Happened this Month:

  1. Jeanne d’Arc’s Birthday
  2. GG Live
  3. GDA @DBA
  4. Meal Planning
  5. City Park “Hike”
  6. AHS @MoJo’s
  7. Dinner/Evening with Uncle 
  8. Reconnecting with Donny
  9. Getting Healthier – losing some weight
  10. Coffee/Lunch with L
  11. I joined a gym (and actually went a few times!) 


It went ok. There was nothing super special about the month. The last two days I felt entirely lethargic and exhausted, and I think it’s because the day before that I succumbed to eating crap with family in town. My body isn’t used to fried crap anymore and I ate and drank far into excess. Remember on the Biggest Loser when they give contestants a temptation part of the way through? The last few days of Jaunary were my temptation, and I failed miserably.. that only goes to show that I’m not ready “for the real world” as of yet — that is — this blog, and this plan, and this 2014… is working… but I’m not ready to snap the tether. No problem though, because I don’t plan to snap it off until January 1, 2015.

Cheers to January, ready for February! Still on plan!


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