Teux-Deux 2014

*This is my Teux Deux list for 2014, a year-long calendar list of definite to-do items. *Hopefully* items will be crossed off as they are completed, although some are ongoing. I will add more items each month, and each month will have specific goals.

Goals for the Entire Year:

  1. Lose 75 lbs. – eat better, exercise more, make goals, drink more water, start a fitness or weight loss program (10 lbs down!) 
  2. Make my relationship better, or leave it behind. (So far so good)
  3. Be more autonomous/self-sufficient. (How do I do this? Read, build confidence, FOLLOW THROUGH)
  4. Add 3 lines to my c.v./resume. (Working on it)
  5. Begin to feel like a stable adult (relationship, finances, health, future plans/solid trajectory). (Eek!)
  6. Be more confident in solo situations (i.e. spending time alone).(Working on it)
  7. Read plenty of books to help me on my journey. (A couple down)
  8. Become more financially stable: Find ways to supplement my income (2), increase credit, open a credit account, budget things, create and stay on budget. (Working on it)
  9. Plan one big vacation, 4 weekend vacations, 7 day trips (Wow.. off the wagon on this one)
  10. More self-care – (3-4 hour sets of ‘me time’)
  11. Take a travel photography/writing course (need $) 
  12. Do at least one thing I am proud of every month (I suck at this).
  13. Write a daily/weekly/monthly teux-teux list.(Been doing well with monthly, bad with weekly/daily)
  14. Find a ‘real’ job – apply for lots of jobs- pull myself off a rock. (Working on it)
  15. Spend more quality time with my partner – get to know each other again. (So far so good)
  16. Spend more time with family (which means going home more often or finding a job up there). (Uncle visited in January)
  17. Volunteer somewhere (working on it).
  18. Listen to more music (working on it).

December 2013 Prep

  1. Make Teux Deux Lists (as specific as possible) – make career plans, relationship plans, health plans.
  2. Prepare myself for change through online education, fostering friendships, and letting go of bad habits
  3. Prepare my environment/home for change via physical cleaning, cleansing, spiritual prep.
  4. Get a 2014 planner

(Check the specific month PAGES above or below to see my goals for each month) 


Last Updated 3/25/14


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