It’s Monday, Week 6, and I Feel Great!

I think I thought that by now in 2014 there’d be huge, drastic changes to how things were/looked on the last day of December in 2013. I was expecting to do a 360 right away, to be a completely new person, shedding flakes of skin and personality flaws and fat and procrastination all at the same time, on the same day, the same second… well THAT SHO’ AIN’T HAPPENIN’! So what is?

I set this whole site up for myself to be pretty crazy. You can probably tell from my endless lists and planning that I tend to border on OCD – which is hilarious when paired with procrastination such as my life. So there are no drastic changes that have happened in the first 6 weeks of 2014. I’ve lost a few pounds, I’ve joined a gym, I’ve started standing up for myself at work, I’ve looked for new jobs (but haven’t submitted any full applications yet so that’s pointless to say), I’ve nurtured my relationship with my family, I’m starting to let go of weighty “friendships”, and I’ve gone to a few cool events.

Those first two weeks of January seemed supercharged with “cool things to do”. I was actively going out and doing things with friends, and then once I started focusing on this weight loss (and thus being afraid to eat out or go to a bar), I stopped all that… I’ve got to find a balance.

Time to look at my February goals and see where I am since 1/3 of the month is over. My February goals are:

Overall GOALS:

  1. Listen to every BEATLES album chronologically. (1 down)
  2. Read 3 books related to my goals. (Read one, 2nd started)
  3. Lose 8 pounds! (1 lb loss – had setback due to family visiting)
  4. Keep my house as CLEAN as it was at the end of January. (Doing ok – could be better)
  5. Find 25 Things to Donate. (Haven’t started – will start today)
  6. Go to the gym 8 times. (Gone 3x)
  7. Spend the last two weeks of Feb in Mardi Gras BLISS (Not there yet)
  8. Find/Make a Mardi Gras COSTUME (Still no clue on this one)
  9. Apply to 3 jobs (Found 2 – haven’t applied yet) 


(….. crickets) All I’ve done is work/come home/shop/eat/sleep…

As for OK things that actually have happened?

  • Bought shoe inserts to help with foot pain
  • Bought socks to help me out at the gym (needed cushioning)
  • Ordered a sports bra (came today – love it!)
  • Ordered over-the-ear sport clip headphones for the gym (WooHoo!)
  • Took the skin off the damn rotisserie chicken (harder than it sounds) before eating
  • Had dinner at M’s – talked about the Doctor all night

As you can see, I did accomplish a few small things but my list is still right there, shining brightly in my face, unfinished…

TODAY’S GOALS that involve verbs (will update later if I get them done):

  1. TAKE bath – SHAVE
  2. COOK Healthy Dinner for partner
  3. GO to the Gym
  4. CLEAN  kitchen/bedroom
  5. WATCH Biggest Loser (I’m on Season 7, down to final 4)
  6. MAKE list of 3 jobs to apply for TOMORROW (include on list what actually needs to be done)
  7. SPEND only 10 minute segments on my game(s)  – USE A TIMER
  8. BUY a procrastination book
  9. READ the first chapter in the book I buy
  10. DECIDE on a mardi gras costume
  11. FIND 5 items to donate
  12. LISTEN to the FIRST song on the FIRST Beatles album

Think I can get all that done? … Gosh I hope so.. will check in later and let ya know

(^^The crossed off items are what actually got done…so everything else gets rolled over to today’s list)


Just a little update (complete with passive & pointless hashtags)

Here’s some interesting tidbits related to my goals and in general this week:

  1. I’m happy with the weight I’ve lost so far in 2014.
  2. My house has stayed relatively clean since January 1- #FTW
  3. SparkPeople.com is pretty amazing. I’m kind of in lust with it. 
  4. I’ve been doing awesome with food/tracking, and horrible with exercise.  #FAIL
  5. (Don’t worry – this week I’ll exercise more) 
  6. Related to #4, I’ve had a crap ton of issues with my left foot – i.e. it effing kills. 
  7. Related to #6, today I bought high arch inserts to help. WOOHOO! #DrSchollsIsKING
  8. I have the next two days off of work. #MySundayIsYourFriday
  9. My partner and I have been getting along well this week. #HopingItLasts
  10. I “feel” healthier – #HolyCrapThisIsActuallyWorking
  11. This week I need to sit down and evaluate what I’ve done in the past 6 weeks, and compare it to what I want to do in the next 6 weeks.
  12. I spent my Saturday night watching Youtube cat videos at a friends’ house…voluntarily.
  13. I actually finished a “weight loss” self help book #TheScareQuotesAreIntentional
  14. This week I’ve been fighting a depressive episode – it sucks even more because I can’t carbo-load via the emotional eating train. #FML

Tomorrow starts a new week on this journey. New posts, taking a look at goals and lists, self evaluations, etc..stay tuned.

Can I do it?

It’s Friday – my day off. My lofty goal for the day is to complete every item on my to-do list. Job applications, cleaning, eating right, exercising/gym, reading — all of it. Can I do it? Who knows.. but I’ll check back in later to let you know. I need one good, solid, productive day. I think today is it.

It’s silly, right?… To have things on my “lofty to do list” that normal folks do every day of their lives without thinking about it. Depression is a hard nut to crack. Sometimes just getting out of bed feeling as a 2 on the 1-10 happy/sad scale is enough to make me rejoice. If I can accomplish even half my list today, I will be ecstatic… Here I go!

Damn I need some motivation… I hope this is enough.

Can’t Sleep, Ate an Egg, Stared at Ceiling

…and just like that, we’re almost through with the first week of February. Holy crap time is flying! My conundrum of the evening is this: late night snacking. I. fucking. love. chocolate. There, I said it. When people talk about obese folks having addiction to sweet foods, they’re talking about me – my face could be on the advertisement as a reason to ban sugar from the planet… ButOhGodIfTheyDidIWouldDie! I really have trouble with late night binges. I live within a walking distance from an awesome fast food place (Rally’s) and tonight I was super-craving some loaded fries…(insert drool here)….

But time lords, fear not, for I did not succumb to my own temptation. Instead I googled the nutrition info of all the crap I *wanted* to eat and after realizing half a bite of all of that is what I should be eating for an entire day, I decided to make a hard boiled egg. All’s well and dandy except that now it’s 2:30 am and I’m WIDE awake with no sleep in sight.

I have off of work tomorrow, so the bulk of my to-do list will get done then – fingers crossed. For now I think I’ll just shut the lights off and stare at the ceiling until a dream snaps me up.

Cheers and hope y’all get to sleep more than I will tonight… 

(sheesh I don’t even drink anything with caffeine…) 

It’s My Week to Plan – WooHoo!

If you’ve been watching this blank canvas of mine then you know my partner and I have been swapping weeks for shopping & cooking. Last week I got to sit back while she did all the grocery shopping and cooking for me. This week, I’m the purveyor of tasty things. We managed a $140 trip to the grocery last night for my “week”, granted about $40-50 of it was spent on crap we needed from the cleaning/pet aisles.

My menu this week includes lots of salad options (we’re never without pretty much a complete salad bar at the house), a walnut chicken roulade, asian lettuce wraps, and baked mahi mahi. We’ve been sticking to 3-4 “big meals”, because we tend to eat out once or twice per week, and when we don’t eat out, we have leftovers. My additional goal this week [to be a better partner in crime] is to provide her with lunches and snacks, also.. I generally suck at this, and she’s generally awesome at this. We’ll see how I do, I suppose…

This Week’s To Do List:

  • Make 3-4 tasty meals (2 down!)
  • Provide awesome snack/lunch options for us
  • Go to the gym at least twice (1 down!)
  • Keep the house as clean this week as it was at the end of last week (K!)
  • Open some kind of bank/savings account
  • Find 10 things to Donate
  • Lose 3 pounds
  • Apply for 3 jobs
  • Read One Book
  • Clean off my DESK
  • Buy a SPORTS BRA (done!) 
  • Plan my Carnival COSTUME
  • Plan Valentine’s day
  • Find an organziational solution for all my damn makeup.

Welcome, February! One month down, eleven to go!

Well that month FLEW by, right? I disappeared for a few days because I had people in town. I just updated my “January” summary page which keeps me accountable for all the lists and crap I post on this thing, so check it out to see how I did in January.. then stop in to the soon-to-come February page to see what’s in store for this short month of mine.

Today is my first “day off” in February 2014, and I’ve got a lot of energy to expend. I think I’ll clean a bit today, go to the gym,  and make a great meal. I found two great jobs to apply for, so later on I’ll sit down and start working on routing those applications where they need to be.

A couple of things:

1. I’m done with Weight Watchers. I really dislike it. I did it for a month. I lost 8+ pounds, which is great… but their message boards suck and their nutritional tools suck… (why? because they have NONE). I’m swapping to SparkPeople instead. I’ve used it before, and I’m confident it will take me towards my goals once more.

2. I’ve realized that I can’t just focus on one specific category every week. Life just doesn’t work that way, so I’m changing it up. My new goal will be to check *something* off a list in each category once per week.

Recap Week 2, Begin Week 3!

It’s odd how things just never go as planned.  I didn’t do a whole lot in the way of “career” this week, and yet I feel like I did because I got out of the house a lot more than usual, did some networking, and lost some weight which in turn will make me feel more confident.

The good news: On the weight front, I’m down 3.6 pounds. My January habit is going great. I’ve been reading, spending quality time with my partner, and doing well at work. My anxiety seems to have decreased about 50% since I started this journey. Whether it’s because I feel like I have more control I’m not sure because to be honest I haven’t done a *whole lot* of changing…

So that brings me to WEEK 3: FINANCES WEEK 

I’m horribly in debt and really need to work on it. This week I vow to make some changes in this arena starting with an attempt at reading some financial planning and credit help sites. I was one of those stupid college kids who figured it would be a GREAT idea (in the short term) to take out the MAX amount of loans I could ever year during school… well, fast forward ten years and I’m standing here in 6-digit debt laughing at my 20-year-old-self. It’s not just that, though. I’m a spender. I’ve always spent far above my means and I need to work on it.

So far this year my partner and I have started using PlanToEat.com, and it is absolutely fantastic. Here’s the reasons you should use it:

  • It has been FUN meal-planning and importing recipes from social media sites like Pinterest, and recipe sites like AllRecipes.com, and Epicurious…
  • We’ve successfully swapped weeks twice now (partner and I) — we each take a week for meal planning, calorie counting, and grocery shopping. We’ve had fun trying to buy GOOD QUALITY ingredients for less.
  • We have saved a TON of money already because we have plans for what to eat. It completely cuts out the phrase, “What do you want for dinner?”… you’ll still ask it, but like we do, you’ll have the groceries in your cupboard all set to make 4-5 different meal options. It’s effing fantastic. I highly recommend PTE and the second my trial is done, I’m buying a subscription.

I’ll make another post soon with my goals for this week.. but I gotta say: DAMN, JANUARY 2014 IS GOING GREAT!!!