It’s Monday, Week 6, and I Feel Great!

I think I thought that by now in 2014 there’d be huge, drastic changes to how things were/looked on the last day of December in 2013. I was expecting to do a 360 right away, to be a completely new person, shedding flakes of skin and personality flaws and fat and procrastination all at the same time, on the same day, the same second… well THAT SHO’ AIN’T HAPPENIN’! So what is?

I set this whole site up for myself to be pretty crazy. You can probably tell from my endless lists and planning that I tend to border on OCD – which is hilarious when paired with procrastination such as my life. So there are no drastic changes that have happened in the first 6 weeks of 2014. I’ve lost a few pounds, I’ve joined a gym, I’ve started standing up for myself at work, I’ve looked for new jobs (but haven’t submitted any full applications yet so that’s pointless to say), I’ve nurtured my relationship with my family, I’m starting to let go of weighty “friendships”, and I’ve gone to a few cool events.

Those first two weeks of January seemed supercharged with “cool things to do”. I was actively going out and doing things with friends, and then once I started focusing on this weight loss (and thus being afraid to eat out or go to a bar), I stopped all that… I’ve got to find a balance.

Time to look at my February goals and see where I am since 1/3 of the month is over. My February goals are:

Overall GOALS:

  1. Listen to every BEATLES album chronologically. (1 down)
  2. Read 3 books related to my goals. (Read one, 2nd started)
  3. Lose 8 pounds! (1 lb loss – had setback due to family visiting)
  4. Keep my house as CLEAN as it was at the end of January. (Doing ok – could be better)
  5. Find 25 Things to Donate. (Haven’t started – will start today)
  6. Go to the gym 8 times. (Gone 3x)
  7. Spend the last two weeks of Feb in Mardi Gras BLISS (Not there yet)
  8. Find/Make a Mardi Gras COSTUME (Still no clue on this one)
  9. Apply to 3 jobs (Found 2 – haven’t applied yet) 


(….. crickets) All I’ve done is work/come home/shop/eat/sleep…

As for OK things that actually have happened?

  • Bought shoe inserts to help with foot pain
  • Bought socks to help me out at the gym (needed cushioning)
  • Ordered a sports bra (came today – love it!)
  • Ordered over-the-ear sport clip headphones for the gym (WooHoo!)
  • Took the skin off the damn rotisserie chicken (harder than it sounds) before eating
  • Had dinner at M’s – talked about the Doctor all night

As you can see, I did accomplish a few small things but my list is still right there, shining brightly in my face, unfinished…

TODAY’S GOALS that involve verbs (will update later if I get them done):

  1. TAKE bath – SHAVE
  2. COOK Healthy Dinner for partner
  3. GO to the Gym
  4. CLEAN  kitchen/bedroom
  5. WATCH Biggest Loser (I’m on Season 7, down to final 4)
  6. MAKE list of 3 jobs to apply for TOMORROW (include on list what actually needs to be done)
  7. SPEND only 10 minute segments on my game(s)  – USE A TIMER
  8. BUY a procrastination book
  9. READ the first chapter in the book I buy
  10. DECIDE on a mardi gras costume
  11. FIND 5 items to donate
  12. LISTEN to the FIRST song on the FIRST Beatles album

Think I can get all that done? … Gosh I hope so.. will check in later and let ya know

(^^The crossed off items are what actually got done…so everything else gets rolled over to today’s list)


She’s “Allergic” to Cleaning. It Makes Me Insane.

This post should be renamed: [I’m] So.Fucking.Resentful. I find myself getting into these circular arguments and circular situations regarding house cleaning. They go like this:

1. Me: I do some serious deep cleaning for 2-3 hours. 

2. Partner: Says “looks nice”… does absolutely NO cleaning for a MONTH. On her days off, she sits, reads, watches TV while the mess around her piles up. 

3. Me: As a result of the above, I become resentful and don’t want to clean because partner does no cleaning at all… so on my days off, I sit *wanting* to clean (staring at the mess in disgust and building resentment) but refuse to because it should be a *shared* activity.

4. (Month goes by) 

5. Me: I do some serious deep cleaning for 2-3 hours. Get angrier. 

(Repeat steps 1-5…over and over and over and over and over and over again.) 

House: Gets nasty. 

Okay, it’s a ratchet way to live. We both have 2 days off per week from work (different days of the week from each other). She cleans MUCH slower than I do.. I can get 5 minutes of cleaning done in the same time she cleans for two hours, no exaggeration.  That doesn’t even bother me – what bothers me is she doesn’t even put any effort in.

I’ve tried all of this:

  • Threatening to hire a house cleaner (this makes her crazy because we don’t have the $$ to spend on it).
  • Threatened to throw both of our things away because we don’t take care of it.
  • Made “chore lists” for both of us like we are 17 and in our first apartment (I end up getting even more angry because she only completes 1/10 things on the list and it all goes to hell).
  • Let HER make up the chore lists (tried to give her autonomy over the situation)
  • Let HER go through all of my stuff and throw anything out she thinks I haven’t used/worn in ages (even this doesn’t work…)
  • Switched to disposable everything (cutlery/paper things/etc) – I really hate this.. #CarbonFootprint
  • Bought REALLY cool cleaning stuff/gadgets to try and make it fun

So at this point I just throw my hands up in disgust – and every once in a while I freak out and get angry.  Every single time that happens, she gets up and cleans for 10-15 minutes, then goes back to whatever she was doing. Why does it have to get to that point?  I hate living like this.

Full Disclosure: I grew up in a house where if I left a cup out on a table for five minutes after I finished it, I’d get smacked. Hell, sometimes my mother would take the glass away before I was finished  – it’d end up in the dishwasher. 


Okay so I spent all of the above time venting about the cleaning thing. The question is how the hell do I attack this situation from this point on? January is just around the corner. Gotta make a plan.

That’ll Never Be Me and That Sucks

A good friend of mine announced today that she was pregnant. After congratulating her, my first narcissistic thought was, “That’ll never be me and that sucks.” Here’s a bit of disclosure: My partner is someone 15 years my elder with pretty serious arthritis. She can’t open the orange juice, never mind hold a baby. #BackedMyselfIntoThatCorner   — If you think many queer women’s ovaries don’t squeal for kidlets at some point, you’re nuts. The reality is that my partner is in her mid-40’s, in lots of pain, and horrible with kids… regardless, we are over a decade away from being financially ready for that commitment despite my ovaries screaming at me.  #FirstWorldProblems, right? Well kinda… except I’m mixing up my karmic roux here and although that’s not an issue at the forefront of my “today,” what happens when it is? My relationship isn’t the steadiest teeter totter around, and I have a feeling this is what may eventually end it… and I realize one thing: It’s completely fucking selfish.

Well damn.

That’s my Wednesday evening revelation brought to you by hot cocoa brimming with peppermint schnapps.